About a month and a half ago I stumbled onto a set of Lightroom (AC7 and Aperture too) presets call VSCO Film.  What VSCO (visualsupply.co) has done is carefully recreate a variety of classic color and black and white films creating a base upon which the photographer can build. In addition to standard presets (Portra 160/400/800, Fuji Pro 160/400/800, Illford HP5, Kodak Tri-X 400 and Kodak T-MAX 3200), VSCO Film includes -/+/++ versions of each film for more or less of the effect.

Once you have your base that’s where the fun starts as VSCO Film includes a variety of brushes and further adjustments (highlights save, lows boost, orange skin cast removal) that set you up with incredible latitude to make your vision perfect.

VSCO Film includes specific presets for Canon and Nikon and has profiles setup for a long list of professional and prosumer DSLRs.

Check it out. The only drawback is that now I want to go back and reprocess previous work with VSCO Film…